When loving a classy lifestyle means you are a weirdo

Living a classy lifestyle as a Single

I love a classy life! And I know there was a time where this was one of the best characteristics of a person… or was there?

That’s who I am

Yes, guys, I am a classy woman. You know, that kind of person wishing for a man who wants to take you out for dinner, who wants to enjoy cocktails and talks with you about some deep thoughts. A man with whom I can enjoy a real passionate sex, because there is a deeper connection there o maybe more then that – love. I want a classy man, who likes to go to the theatre or maybe to jazz concerts.

The most sadest thing is, that these are already to high expectations. I dated a lot of different men and til now, no-one was interested in a lifestyle like that. A few came close (and I dearly think about them), but most of them ran when I talked about my favourite jazzbar or that I wanted to see the Nutcracker-Ballett. Hell, they ran when I explain I only put on my High-Heels, if I am taken out to a fancy restaurant. I’m sorry, but they are really unconfortable and I really can’t put them on for a bar-tour-night.

The dating-experiences

Nowadays it seems we only like to go to bars (mostly for beer, really few want to know about good alcohol) or to the movies for some bad action-movie without a story. We like to sit with a beer in our hands on the street. Don’t get me wrong, I really like to do that too. But, yeah, I mean it like a write it, I like to do that too, not exclusively.

What is classy?

  • Cultural activities (theater, opera, academic discussions)
  • Music / Concerts
  • Good cocktail tasting
  • Going for a walk, re-noticing ones surroundings

What do you think is classy? Comment below!

The worst thing about being a classy SINGLE woman is, that with every new guy I date, that “Oh-my-god-she’s-weird”-look reappears as soon as I comment on my hobbies. I just can’t explain it but as soon as I tell them that I like ballets and expositions they get scared. Why? Are we surrounded by classy-life-haters? Or do classy hobbies scare people away because it seems to screem “exclusive relationship”? This really would make sense..

Looking for explanations

I started to observe people in theatres and operas, even in Jazzbars. People there can mostly be described as followed:

  • If alone, they are older than 35 years
  • If in groups, they came with some family-members or with their partners

So, my explanation why everyone I date gets scared is: they are too young to enjoy stuff like that. They link a classy lifestyle only to a boring and unnecessary obligation to please either their families or their partners. What is your theory on this topic?

Now I wonder, should I shut up when it comes to my beloved lifestyle? Should I wait until releasing the bomb, maybe showing them step by step, that these activities are really enjoyable? My only problem is, I am to open, honest and direct…

So the only remaining alternative is to date guys older than 35 years of age. Hm. I would do that, but they remind me too much of dad and grandpa figures. And I definitely don’t have daddy-issues. I guess I am remaining single a little bit more then :D…

Now it’s your turn!


Now I ask you, are you a classy woman and if you are, how do you cope with the situation?

I’m looking forward to your comments. If you have any questions you’re very welcome to contact me.

Greets, Carmen.

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