“Dauersingle” – are you a longterm single?

Dauersingle, longterm single explained

The number of longterm singles is getting higher and higher. This single blog is all about this topic. That’s why the german term “Dauersingle” will be often used in my stories. This article explains and defines the term “Dauersingle”, which represents a perfect term to describe a person living as a single for a long time, either if it’s wanted or unwanted.

Definition of the term

The term “Dauersingle” consists of two words:
  • Dauer = steady {adj}, permanent {adj}, continuous {adj}, perennial {adj}, continuant {adj}
  • Single = a person without a relationship

There isn’t yet an official definition for the term, although it’s a very common term in Germany. A few dating sites (e.g. Parship) define the term as a longer period (a few years) of time being without a relationship.

I want to set my own definition for the term:

A “Dauersingle” is a person, who to this day lived most of his / her life without a relationship, either because he / her wanted to stay single or because he / her were unlucky. The period of being single is only disrupted by a few weeks or months of relationships with somewhat of a commitment.

I’m a “Dauersingle”, but why?

What are the reasons for being a 'Dauersingle'?
  • A person wants to stay single. They enjoy their freedom not wanting any commitment and ties, so they can be free in their decisions. This attitude can be triggered by bad experiences or simply because a person is a lonely wolf. If you want to learn more about this profile, click here.
  • A person wants a partner, but is unlucky to find anyone. This group contains two sorts of people: people who are psychological unstable and clingy and people with bad luck in timing or circumstances, that couldn’t find someone although they are stable, intelligent and attractive. If you want to learn more about this profile, click here.

Reactions in life

Both groups of people react and live life very different.

There are three types of coping with the situation:
  • Living life to the fullest. If a person is happy with their single status, because they want to stay single, they enjoy their everyday life and situation and have the strength to push themselves into new projects.
  • Acceptance of the situation. A person who wants a partner but isn’t lucky in finding one, can react with an acceptance of the situation. Family and friends are enough to live a good and fulfilled life. They are open for new romances but don’t push it to get there.
  • The situation is lived with desperation. A person who wants a partner can react with a desperation and with lack of understanding, why life is giving them such a hard time.

The reactions towards a “Dauersingle”-status show in the everyday life decisions of a person. A happy person will always put the strength and motivation into life- and future-decisions. Meanwhile a person desperate for a relationship puts all that power into how to get a partner and can’t concentrate on living and enjoying the present.
Of course I have described the extremes in handling the situation of being “Dauersingle”. There always are going to be people handling the situation different depending on the day and situation.

My situation

Take me for example: I’m definitely burdened and looking for a partner. That burden is sadly based on bad experiences and the wish to be loved. I consider myself as an intelligent and attractive person, being open to new people and experiences. Sadly I am the definition of a bad luck person. I admire me for being able to be very thankful for many things and possibilities in my life, despite some cruel situations destiniy had for me. I am looking for someone to share all my moments with, for someone with whom I can enjoy life.
But, and that’s the reason why I am a “Dauersingle”, I don’t want everyone as a partner. I have expectations and need to be blown away by the character and thoughts of a person. I’m very demanding in a way but knowing that I surely am open for compromises. But all in all my partner has to be someone I really find interesting.
I think despite of my strong wish to find somebody, I’m managing very well in living and enjoying my time alone. Because I admire me for that, I’m very excited to share with you my stories and give you some insights.

Now it’s your turn!


Now I ask you, are you a “Dauersingle” and if you are, what kind are you? How do you cope with the situation?

I’m looking forward to your comments. If you have any questions you’re very welcome to contact me.

Greets, Carmen.

8 thoughts on ““Dauersingle” – are you a longterm single?

  1. Hiya.

    Thank you for putting this togwther, I used to feel like I was the only one struggling as a long term singleness.

    I often feel that having a healthy relationship can be as important aa having a healthy diet and at the moment I feel emotionally starved (2 years single).

    My biggest fear is that this will affect my ability to chose a suitable partner in the future because I feel like I might settle for anybody willing to show me the smallest amount of affection.

    I wondered if you had any thoughts on the effects long term singleness can have on emotional and physical wellbeing?

    1. Hey Luca,

      thanks for you comment! You are not alone with that feeling of starvation. What I do is to keep my loved ones around me, enjoy life with hobbies and spending my money on me and keeping open to new experiences. And always keeping my expectations high, I never forget what I wish in a partner :)!

      I have in fact a lot of thoughts on the effects.. I just didn’t write about it still. But you gave me a great motivation to do this and as soon as it’s done I’m texting you the link.

      Keep your head up! You’re a beautiful and strong person and you’re alone by choice! That’s the best reason!


  2. Hi!
    Im a Dauersingle since my birth… I have had some flirts and short “relationships”. But at some point there is always another man appearing from somewhere to get the girl. I have really bad luck and since some years I have no more strengh and motivation to work for a relationship… It is too much hurting for me and I have never learnt a proper way to get a good feeling and enough ego which like the girl. So ai stay single and my anger about my situation is growing which leads to many problems in my life and many missing chances.

    1. Hey Michael!!

      I hear you! It’s very upsetting to see, how the own ways of living seem to be haunted by bad luck. Also it comes with a feeling of faint, powerlessness, am I right?

      Relationships are difficult emotionally, because you have to be emotionally open and have to trust someone, who then can hurt you badly if they want. And that is not only in romantic relationships, even friendships are like that. My way of coping with this fear, since I have really similar experiences like yours, is to decide one thing:
      “Is this person worth it FOR ME?”
      What I mean by that: I have to decide, if I am interested enough, always knowing that this new person can hurt me. Actively deciding this, it gives me my power back and calms my nerves.

      And IF this person hurts me AGAIN, I just say to myself: this person is really selfish and bad, I don’t want to be around someone like that. It’s ok to close this chapter, because now I have the possibility to look for someone that really likes me.

      I guess what I am trying to say: never forget what YOU are worth! People that hurt you don’t respresent your worth! They represent theirs. And please, if you like people and want communicate and share with them, do that! You can of course be a bit reserved about your feelings, it’s ok to need more time to open up. The right people will understand!

      And another thing: be honest to yourself and others. You are hurt! And you need time to heel!! Do what you love to do. Learn new things you always were interested in. Go out and enjoy live music or alcohol tastings or walk in the nature around you. Explore yourself and break out a bit of the system. Find your way, your path, learn more and more about YOU. This new experiences will give you more and more self-confidence and you will appear more attractive to everyone around you! And always keep being honest to you and to people around you, because then you allow the right people to approach you the right way.

      Big Hug! Carmen

    1. Thank you so much, I’m currently working in the background and will soon post a lot more of content. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  3. Thanks for writing this article. It gave me a lot to think about. I’m dauersingle due to my religion and low self-esteem. I’m plus sized, have an iq of 131 and financially self sufficient. I want love, but men don’t take me seriously because of my weight and possibly because of my race (black). Because I am religious I can only marry people who follow my beliefs. So the love pool is as dry as kitty litter. Most of my friends got married before they turned 19. Most of the teens I tutored in my 20s got married before me. So I’m 24, lonely, depressed, have PCOS, and don’t really have much to look forward to in life. I’m kind of waiting to die, not suicide, but old age. That’s about it.

    1. Hello D. A. Smith,

      thank you so much for sharing your situation. Sounds really hard and rough.

      Being alone and lonely gives you that kind of thoughts, like you said, just waiting to die. I myself gave up trying to having a good time like everybody does around me. So: what do you like to do in life for fun? What gives you a smile? What makes you strong? Have you hobbies? Doing things you like to do, because they push you, opens yourself towards new and for you more fitting people.

      Of course that doesn’t give you a romantic love you want and most truly deserve! But it helps to see, that you definitely are loveable. I live from happy situation to happy situation. Cause death comes no matter what. So why not risking something, go the distance. Whatever your own limits are, try to break them and overcome them. You will grow and with that growth you will see, there most surely is someone out there for you. Give him time.

      I myself try to reduce my stress and hectic thoughts by going into the nature and breathe. Just breathe. Let you and your body feel, that you are alive. And that this life, although it’s super tough for us dauersingles, can be something most precious to us, even if noone wants to share our beliefs.

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