About the blog

Welcome to my single blog!

I’m very glad to see you here :). Who am I and why do I write this blog? Read all about it. If you have any questions or want to talk about somethin, leave a comment or text me!


About the blog

Since Sex and the City aired for the first time, much has changed. Thanks to technology, the possibilities to shape our lives have become countless. Globalization makes it possible to settle down anywhere you want, for as long as you want.
The communication has developed from telephones without displays – really, you didn’t know who’s calling you! 😉 – to smartphones and WhatsApp, where anyone can actually see, if you read their messages or not.
Thanks to the internet we can meet people all over the world, without even going there. And inventions like Tinder, well… we now only have to swipe to find our magic prince.

Speed, anonymity, efficiency, perfectionism, consumption … these are some keywords with which I would like to describe the 21st century.

My experiences with dating, sex, love and everything else life has to offer have shown me something ironic: despite all the improvements and adjustments we did, our misunderstandings between each other have become no less.

I want to share these experiences with you. In addition, I want to offer a platform, where every constant single, freshly new single or former single can share their own stories.

I’m looking forward to this project and to hearing from you :).


About me

This is my first blog, so please excuse my clumsy beginnings ;).

I am 28 years young and half German, half Spanish. I have a variaty of interests, but my everyday hobbies are dancing, singing and writing.

Being an involuntary constant single I wanted to combine my interest in writing and telling my everyday stories. I will try to provide you with the best stories of today’s single life, so that you can laugh, cry and suffer with me ;).

I also want to open a few tabu-topics, so we can chat about things that not only bother me but maybe a few of you guys, too. Many people need a platform to mention and express their situations and feelings. That’s another reason, why I created this blog. So please don’t hesitate in commenting my posts!

For now this is all about me, since with every post you will get to know me better. If still you want to know more, please contact me at any time! You can either comment my posts, send me a message through the contact form or contact me via social media:
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